LOVEBOT x Poser Mural @ 289 College St.

Two of Toronto’s most loved public artists, LOVEBOT and PoserABM, have come together to create a collaborative mural, and we have the whole thing on camera.

The paint was flowing as a scissor lift scaled the walls of 289 College St. Onlookers watched enthusiastically as the duo completed the 50-foot piece over a four-day span.

 Combining their robotic and playful styles, the mural features one of Poser’s notorious rabbit/bear’s (It started as a bear by the way) riding on the wing of a giant iconic LOVEBOT that’s seemingly morphed into a fighter jet.

 Both artists have expressed hope that the piece will bring some attention to the potential benefits high quality and positive murals can bring to a community. “I really hope it brings attention to this artform. Me personally, I love showing people that it’s not just scribbles on a wall, that on top of tagging I am capable of doing these incredible murals,” Poser said, adding that introducing public art to a wider audience is always a goal to strive for.

Rain delayed much of the mural’s production, but LOVEBOT creator Matthew Del Degan says that it didn’t dampen moods. “It only [left] us one day to finish it before I headed off to Montreal to smash through another one.” Thankfully, Del Degan says, Poser was able to finish his portion in only one night. “He’s such a quick and powerful artist.”

With little time to spare, Del Degan now heads north to take part in Montreal’s annual Mural Festival, taking place from June 4 to 14.


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