You can’t say that: The state of free speech in Canada

by TREVOR HEWITT   Ballistic safety goggles: $17.99, Baseball helmet: $19.99, 3M Respirator: $39.99, Tactical vest with level two body armour: $179.99. There are some things free speech can’t buy, and one of them is safety. An anti-immigration and anti-Trudeau rally organized by the far-right Canadian Nationalist Front (CNF) took place in Peterborough, Ont., at […]

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People of Ryerson: Michelle Woolfrey

COVER PHOTO:©Michelle Woolfrey Walking through a crowded Union Station, Michelle Woolfrey weaves in and out of the hurried businessmen rushing through the station. As she reaches a set of crowded stairs, Thomson, her guide dog, waits at the top for the congestion to diffuse. Once an opening appears, he begins walking down, Woolfrey confidently following. […]

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